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Why not?

2008-06-20 19:36:25 by The-evil-bucket

Is it dangerous?

Also, I wish I could put text under a picture in a news post.

Why not?


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2008-06-21 13:51:33

Pardon me, but is this where one can bang his head after visiting the BBS?

The-evil-bucket responds:

Before or after. Take your pick.


2008-06-22 00:47:28

looks HAWT... LOL

The-evil-bucket responds:

Hotter than yo-forget it.


2008-07-11 07:27:19

there's an image... its like a stick figure swimming

The-evil-bucket responds:

A lie of course! I would never hide an image in an image!


2008-07-13 21:33:36

I see it too.

The-evil-bucket responds:

Orange cavalry?


2008-08-05 18:52:36

I wish I could put text over a picture in a news post.

The-evil-bucket responds:

You can. The text is always high, which is closely related to many spelling errors.


2008-08-08 06:38:39

Sorry, I just wanted to point out that my "Creationist blog" post is a parody. I've deleted your comment, because it's part of the act to delete everything that "offends" me (read: disagrees with me). I do this, because it's what creationists and other fundamentalists all over the Internet's blogosphere do: censor all dissent. Rest assured that I'm not really a creationist.

The main target of my parody is this guy: m/

Just read a few of his BBS post to see what kind of guy he is.

The-evil-bucket responds:

I mildly understood that, but now that I see who you're mocking, I find it funny as opposed to stupid. Please, include a link to that page on your blog.


2008-08-17 01:36:59

Well this one time...

The-evil-bucket responds:

Just this time?


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