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Do you ever sleep?

Wow. You just keep pumping out music videos. There's no end to them. And the scary part is that they're all good. And this is no exception. Although it was a little short, it didn't lose any of it's style. Good job, I applaud you.


Best movie ever.


Once again I have disobeyed the orders. My soul will burn.

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A fine example of Madness

The graphics were phenomenal, very fitting to the game. I'm not useally a fan a side scrollers, but this was amazing. The sounds were excellent as well. All the mechanics, from jumping to aiming, were well done. An excellent game.

Great game

The graphics, sound, balance. It's all fantastic. Good job.


A fantastic game. The shooter/defense/Geometry Wars feel worked well. The buying system could have been better, giving descriptions of what each thing was, and without the daunting wall of upgrades, but overall, very solid game.

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Too much melody

I was kind of overwhelmed by full-our melody. There wasn't enough bass support. You have to be careful, high, melodic instruments are fun and easy to manipulate in a song, but don't neglect the bottom of the song.

But I sound too critical. It was a good song. The bongo, or whatever that was, added a lot to the song. It gave it kind of a Latin feel.

I'm tired. I should have written a longer review.


The song had are real nice "arc" to it. As in, it started off gentle, reached a "climax" then fell and faded. And yes, I do get my kicks from applying literary terms to music.

The song had a real strong sense of meaning, in that it awakened a feeling and stirred an emotion. It was deep, you could say.

The dripping sound effect in the background was a great touch! Good thinking...but then again, melting snow kind of gives that idea.

I liked the strings/percussion throughout the song. The piano, I think it was a piano, might be a guitar by a stretch, did a good job keeping the refrain going, and providing a repetitive background sound. The backup parts in general were well done.

While I am impressed and pleased with the song, it's getting an eight because I hold that you have to reach for the sky and hit the stars with a song to get a 10, and you have to be well past the clouds to get a nine.

I have to stop using confusing metaphors. I'm crazy, don't listen to me. What I'm saying is, while this is an excellent song, it's not perfect, and therefore not a 10/10.


Eh, it's nothing spectacular. It's a decent song, and has some nice qualities to it (namely the bass), but it's a little too repetitive for my tastes. It didn't need to be as long as it was, since there were several parts that were just the same. It had a stretched out quality to it.

The entrance was nice, the gradual introduction of all the instruments was definitely a plus.

The piano part was pretty much just the same rhythm of similar notes. But admittedly, I didn't think piano would work for a song like this at all. While you did find one way to get the piano to blend nicely, and it did blend nicely, you used that same part over and over again.

The bass was exceptional, albeit repetitive, great use of the low register. It, as did all the instruments, melded nicely with the overall rhythm. If that makes any sense.

The drums, well, they weren't so hot. While they were used "correctly" as a beat keeper and rhythm conveyor, they just didn't appeal to me.

Overall, it's not a bad song by any means, but it's a song that could have so much more. Repetition isn't necessarily a bad thing, but in this case it just dragged the song down, with all the instruments repeating their parts. I would recommend a couple of sections were the piano kept it's part, and the bass carried the melody.

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