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I think I'll start using this space for something.

2007-12-14 15:05:23 by The-evil-bucket

And to kick-start my new "Actually do something besides post big capital letters" drive...

Found a good game, requires little attention and has a Newgrounds region. To quote the front page,

NationStates is a free nation simulation game. Build a nation and run it according to your own warped political ideals. Create a Utopian paradise for society's less fortunate or a totalitarian corporate police state. Care for your people or deliberately oppress them. Join the United Nations or remain a rogue state. It's really up to you.

Plus there's a Newgrounds region. Since the site is stupid, the URL is always "" So you actually have to go to "The World" link on the left and type in "Newgrounds" in the "Find Region" box and hit the button. Low tech.


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2007-12-16 06:51:08


The-evil-bucket responds:

Tragically. My other posts had more comments and responses, but I'm doing something with this space now.


2007-12-18 22:56:56

how can a bucket be evil?
does it have a hole in it so all the water poor's out?
or does it never come clean?
second btw

The-evil-bucket responds:

You may observe an evil bucket in my user image above my contact info.


2007-12-20 06:57:44

I'm already a member on this. I would switch to the Newgrounds section, but I've already started receiving endorsements, and I don't feel like backtracking.

<Search for Krampatia on the world>
(Yes, I made up a name randomly.)

The-evil-bucket responds:

Hm. Such a shame. Oh well.


2007-12-20 23:00:02

Dammit, someone already grabbed The Democratic Republic of Chrono Triggeria.
Guess I'll have to think of another one.
That was a pretty sweet idea though.

The-evil-bucket responds:



2007-12-21 13:23:36

that's not a friggen bucket
that is a bunny rabbit
the is a large differnt's

The-evil-bucket responds:

Ever seen an evil bucket?


2007-12-22 12:56:39

I moved 'Ironhurst' to Newgrounds. Hurra!

The-evil-bucket responds:

Oh good. One more nation.


2007-12-23 22:55:59

have a marry christmas !!!!

The-evil-bucket responds:

You too.


2008-01-03 22:11:59

I'm leaving a comment.

The-evil-bucket responds:

I'm leaving a response.


2008-01-05 19:48:59

hav a happy 2008 hope ya do well

The-evil-bucket responds:

Ha ha, one can wish. Hope you enjoy '08 as well.


2008-01-06 15:39:26

Such a fool to think that I could actually wake you from your slumber.



The-evil-bucket responds:

Eh? I just got up.


2008-01-12 09:25:52

Why is your sig an evil bucket/bunneh?

The-evil-bucket responds:

I have a sig?


2008-01-14 21:07:58

The deal with the URL always been '''' is probably that they are web forwarding, which means they use that one to disguise the crappy one they got for registering their site in a free hosting service.

Cheap asses, haha.

The-evil-bucket responds:

Could be. Since there are no ads on the site, that could be the case.


2008-01-25 02:24:00

Everybody out there, go run and tell
Your homeboys and homegirls, it's time for Kenan and Kel.
They'll keep you laughin' in the afternoon
So don't touch that dial, don't leave the room.
'Cause they always into somethin' fun, and you don't wanna miss it,
It's Double-"K", like 2, the good radius.
Kenan and Kel or should I say, Kel and Kenan
And you gotta watch Kenan 'cause, Kenan be schemin'
With a plan or a plot to make it to the top,
But they kinda in the middle, 'cause they always gettin' caught.
This ain't the Hardy Boys, or a Nancy Drew Mystery,
It's just Kenan and Kel, in your facility,
Like Sigfried and Roy or Abbott and Costello,
Magic and Kareem or Penn and Teller.
Somebody's in trouble? Aw, here it goes.
On Nick, Ni-Nick Nick Ni-Nick Nick Nick . . .

The-evil-bucket responds:



2008-01-25 16:09:48

how can a bucket be evil, I mean c'mon

The-evil-bucket responds:

Don't ask such thing.