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Yeah it's about time.

2007-11-10 21:04:20 by The-evil-bucket



Go ahead

2007-10-29 06:42:40 by The-evil-bucket

Make my day.


2007-10-18 17:08:41 by The-evil-bucket



2007-09-30 14:11:15 by The-evil-bucket

Jesus dies!

Also: Lol.

Also: The people who brought you New York Times bestseller, "The Bible", are now finding new ways to make money!


Level 16.

2007-09-26 17:11:44 by The-evil-bucket

Wow. I posted in a topic today. Epic, right? I was the first reply, as I like to be, because I'm crazy. And when I hit post and was taken back to the topic page, my heart skipped a beat. There was only one post there. And it had a chain next to it. I guess I got to level 16 today.

You is mine.

2007-09-20 17:54:23 by The-evil-bucket



2007-08-23 20:24:29 by The-evil-bucket

Give me a hug.

Well the basis of most news posts seem to be upcoming flashes by the author. But I don't have Flash! So, without upcoming flash collabs/movies/games, what is there to place here that still fits the rules? Hmmmmm. I could put thoughtful, philosophical, insightful, though inspiring, witty, humorous comments here, but I don't have any of them! So I could just put rants, but what good would that do for the few people who accidentally click on my profile? I could put something like this, but too many and this would become a rant. *Sigh*. Oh, and here's a VTOC just for you.

I just can't figure out how to make a good news post.

Well I don't want to work and I don't want to exert effort. What's that? They shut off my water? Crap, back to work.

Oh nice job Tom Fulp.

2007-07-18 07:00:55 by The-evil-bucket

Oh how I adore and love this new update. It's just great.

Oh nice job Tom Fulp.